Commercial Glazing Solutions

Plastic has come a very long way since 1868. Now it is up to par with glass and even substituted for glass, wood, and metal to obtain a stronger, lightweight, and optically clear product. To the human eye, you will not be able to tell a difference between clear plastic such as plexiglass and clear glass, and this is why it is highly preferred. Plastic can be substituted in multiple industries; such as industrial, oil and gas, medical, construction, and signage.
Commercial Glazing Facts
Plastic sheeting offers a stronger, more versatile solution to commercial glazing applications. Learn how you can use acrylic sheeting and polycarbonate sheeting as an alternative to glass.
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Top Reasons to Use Plexiglass Sheeting for Windows
Plexiglass acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheet, and traditional glass are all used for windows, but which one is the best? Find out the top four reasons why plexiglass sheeting is ideal for window applications.
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What is Commercial Glazing?
Commercial glazing has a variety of applications across every industry. Learn what commercial glazing is, materials used, and why it is important.
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