Standing Seam Multiwall System

This multiwall system of co-extruded 4-wall polycarbonate panels is the latest and greatest way to let light in while still providing shade and UV protection. The secret? These panels connect using a click-on system and aluminum profiles for seamless perfection on every project.

Available in bronze for maximum UV protection.

No customer's order is too large or too small. If you would like pricing or more information on our standing seam multiwall polycarbonate, call us at (888) 702-6028 for fill out a quote request form.

Benefits of Standing Seam Multiwall

  • Heat insulation drops temperatures under pergola
  • Guaranteed leak-proof due to standing seam and clip system. Never screw into sheets again!
  • 4-wall panels for higher impact resistance and durability over time VS. standard 2-wall panels
  • Sleek, seamless look due to clip system and end capsĀ 
  • Panels are UV resistant to block sun while still bringing in light
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