Makrolon VR Marine Sheet & Polycarbonate Sheet for Boats

Finding the right material that offers optical abilities with durability is difficult, but Makrolon VR marine sheet excels! Makrolon VR polycarbonate sheets are glass-like, providing a high-quality optical vision which is ideal for applications such as windshields on boats. This polycarbonate product is revolutionary for the needs of the marine industry and is easy to work with. Makrolon VR is not only functional but able to be rolled, sewed and cut making it easy to work with and great for projects with limited space. 

Makrolon VR Marine Sheet Applications

Vision on the water is extremely important for a number of reasons including safety. The Makrolon VR marine sheet is a perfect choice to meet the unique needs presented with boating applications. Not only is this material flexible and durable but the glass like appearance makes it easy to see through for a clear view of the water. Makrolon VR is exceptionally durable allowing it to withstand the harsh environment often encountered out on the water such as salt and sun and is resistant to yellowing! Boats using Makrolon VR polycarbonate alongside other products designed for marine applications such as King Starboard will stay functional for years to come.

Advantages of Makrolon VR Include: 

  • Clear, glass-like material for enhanced vision
  • Weather resistant for harsh environments
  • Reduced yellowing
  • Long lasting
  • Ability to be rolled for limited space applications
  • Cut and Sewability
  • UV Resistant
  • Impact resistant for improved safety
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