Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic Sheets

Materials need to meet the specific needs of the project they are used for, and abrasion resistant marine acrylic does just that for marine applications. Abrasion resistance means fewer scratches leading to better optical clarity. Scratch resistant marine plexiglass is a versatile material available in a variety of thicknesses that can be used for marine applications where harsh environments are encountered.

Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic Uses

Abrasion Resistant Marine Acrylic is often used in boats as a windshield or for windows. The abrasion and scratch resistance is ideal for the prevention of scuffs and scratches in a material that needs to be seen through. Clear vision is essential for safety on waterways so using a material such as scratch resistant marine acrylic helps to prevent the obstruction of vision due to wear and tear. Choosing the right material for marine applications helps ensure your boat is long lasting and your vision stays clear. 

Abrasion Resistant Plexiglass Features Include:

  • A wide variety of thicknesses
  • superior clarity
  • Impact resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Long lasting
  • Coated on one or both sides depending on needs
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