Colored Acrylic Plexiglass Sheets

Ideal for signage and fixtures across all types of businesses, colored acrylic sheets (also known as colored plexiglass sheets) are perfect for creating radiant displays. Just like acrylic mirror sheeting, colored plexiglass is a cost-effective material that can be used instead of traditional glass. Its high durability allows it to hold up for years without needing replaced.

A&C Plastics offers colored acrylic plastic in many dimensions to accommodate the needs of each client, from thickness to the overall width and length. However, any colored acrylic sheeting can be fabricated easily without causing any structural damage. If you'd like to modify any of our colored acrylic sheets, please request a quote to have one of our professionals create a product that's perfect for you.

About Colored Acrylic Sheets

Colored acrylic sheets continue to be a popular alternative to glass because they're 17 times stronger and weigh significantly less. To put things into perspective, acrylic sheets, in general, are a valuable investment because they're inexpensive and relatively cheap to ship due to their low risk of being damaged during transportation.

If you're interested in ordering colored acrylic plastic, you may have some questions. Don't fret — we're here to clear up any confusion. Below, you'll find some common questions we get about colored acrylic sheeting. And, if you still need further clarification on certain aspects of this material, give us a call at (888) 702-6028 and we'll be happy to help.

What Are Your Top-Selling Colored Acrylic Sheets?

Our top-selling colored acrylic sheets are as follows:

  • Clear acrylic sheets
  • Yellow acrylic sheeting
  • Black acrylic sheets
  • Red acrylic sheets
  • Green acrylic sheeting
  • Blue acrylic sheets
  • Purple acrylic sheeting
  • Semi-transparent colored sheets

Can Colored Plexiglass Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, colored plexiglass doesn't discolor or fade, which makes it the premier choice for either outdoor or indoor applications.

Where Can You Apply Colored Acrylic Sheets?

You can apply colored acrylic sheets to various furniture products that include lighting, shades and signboards, as well as POP displays.

Purchase Colored Acrylic Sheets from A&C Plastics

With plenty of options to choose from at the lowest prices online, you won't find a better deal on colored acrylic sheets anywhere else. Through our excellent customer service and quick shipping, you'll be glad you shopped with us. Browse our collection of premium colored acrylic sheets and order today.

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