Plexiglass Cleaner & Acrylic Polishes

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing fingerprints, smudges, and scratches on a glass or plastic surface. Avoid using grocery store glass cleaners as they can damage specialty plastic sheeting such as plexiglass. A&C Plastics stocks NOVUS brand products including their well-known fine scratch remover and heavy scratch remover.

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Novus Acrylic Polishes and Cleaners

For more than 30 years, Novus has been the leader in cleaners and polishes for plexiglass sheeting. Washing and cleaning acrylic sheeting improperly can ruin the plastic, forcing you to spend money to replace, rather than just clean.  

Novus 1 is a gentle cleanser that can clean all plastic sheeting without the risk of scratching. The polish resists fogging, eliminates static and repels dust for a long lasting shine. Additionally, this acrylic cleaner also resists fingerprints. Novus 1 plexiglass cleaner does not contain any harsh or abrasive chemicals and leaves a spotless finish without a greasy residue.

Novus 2 is a plexiglass sheet cleaner that can remove scratches from plastic. Novus No. 2 can restore faded, discolored, and hazy plexiglass to its clear, shiny original state. By using Novus 3 acrylic scratch remover, you can buff out the fine scratches, and remove the damage instead of filling them in.

Novus 3, which comes in our 3-step pack, is a heavy scratch removers that can remove most scratches and abrasions from acrylic sheets.

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