Very Professional
          5 of 5 stars
We were very impressed with your service and professionalism.
- Alvin
Exceptional Service
          5 of 5 stars
great service, great products
- Ben
Best Shipping Ever!
          5 of 5 stars
Your packaging and care for freight is the BEST I have ever come across!
- David
Great Company
          5 of 5 stars
AC has always been a great company to work with.
- Jack
Great Sales Staff
          5 of 5 stars
Nicole is always a pleasure to work with!!!!
- Karen
Looking forward to next time
          5 of 5 stars
I LOVE having you guys as a partner and will continue to support you as much as I can in the future. (read more)
- Douglas
Great to do business with
          5 of 5 stars
Every time I've engaged with A&C, I have always been taken care of extremely well. I have no areas where you can improve, you are already doing an exceptional job. (read more)
- Nicholas
My Take
          4 of 5 stars
1. Processing 'button' on the order page moved from the right side to the bottom when page was resized. (Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132) Found it overlaying the bottom text of the page. Button still worked and processed correctly, it was just... weird. Even reloaded the page and it was still at the bottom overlaying the text. 2. Honestly thought the tracking e-mail was a 'phishing e-mail' from the different size text / large links, and colloquialism intro. Loved it, just had to double take as I almost deleted it because of how it looked on the reading pane in Outlook. Any-who, appreciate the quick response and info from Marshall. Thx again' (read more)
- Blake
Great Reps!
          5 of 5 stars
Give Adam Taylor a Raise .
- Gene
          5 of 5 stars
I appreciate the entire process & it's smooth each & every time I call or email (read more)
- Willie
          5 of 5 stars
I think Garret did a fantastic job, I asked for something very specific and he delivered for me. I look forward to building up the relationship with Garret and A&C Plastics. Thanks again! (read more)
- Brandon
great availability
          5 of 5 stars
I loved the hours the sales department was available by phone. Sean Carroll was excellent (read more)
- Maggie

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