UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet & Plexiglass

Protect your artwork and keepsakes from natural and artificial light by using UV filtering acrylic. UV rays can change the coloring of photographs, paintings, documents and more if left exposed to the sun or fluorescent light bulbs.

Just as with standard plexiglass sheeting, UV filtering sheets are light weight, have excellent impact resistance, and are abrasion resistant. Using acrylic sheeting in favor of glass provides a clearer finish with a higher impact resistance, ideal for areas of high traffic.

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Features and Benefits of UV Filtering Plexiglass

UV filtering acrylic sheet is an ideal material for use when protecting art, prints, historical items, and more. The superior UV-resistant qualities of this plexiglass sheeting are second to none.

  • 10-20x Stronger than its Glass Counterpart
  • Easy to Handle and Install
  • Exceptional Optical Clarity
  • Cheaper Shipping and Handling
  • Half the weight of Glass without Loss of Structural Integrity

Standard acrylic sheet filters out 100% of UB rays, but only 35% of UVA light. With this modified UV-resistant acrylic sheet, up to 98% of damaging UV rays are filtered out which prevents fading, yellowing, and breakage of the items behind it. 

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