Digital Printed Acrylic Sheets

Digital acrylic plastic sheets, made from processed plexiglass, provide a strong and lightweight alternative to glass. Acrylic is chemical resistant, and OPTIX Digital Acrylic was designed for printing. Rather than using standard, continually processed plexiglass, which requires adhesion promoters and other steps before applying ink, businesses and crafters can choose digital printing on acrylic sheets for a faster and simpler process with all the same benefits and more. Browse A&C Plastics for the digital acrylic sheets you need.

Benefits of Printing on Acrylic Sheets

Plexiglass acrylic sheets offer a durable and near-indestructible finish for all types of signage and other projects. There are multiple steps necessary to create a flawless image or copy, but acrylic has impressive resistance to the elements (and would-be graffiti artists).

The pros of printing on acrylic sheets include:

  • Acrylic is lower cost than alternative materials for signage and displays.
  • Unlike glass, acrylic won't shatter under pressure.
  • Acrylic allows for a modern look no matter your budget or style.
  • You can create signage that's easy to care for.
  • Acrylic is resistant to weathering, yellowing and other common issues.

Digital acrylic has all of these advantages, but was also made so you can digitally print directly onto the sheet, saving time and money.

What Are Clear Acrylic Sheets Best For?

Clear acrylic sheets are common in home decorations, industrial applications, packaging and construction. Point of purchase, or POP displays, also commonly use clear acrylic sheets in marketing material. Display cases often use clear acrylic sheets, but acrylic is also ideal for use with dimensional letters.

There are countless other uses for this versatile material type, too. Businesses might use acrylic sheets as anti-graffiti solutions or to protect signage. Acrylic sheets can also serve as signage on their own, depending on how you print on them and what materials you use. Digital printing on acrylic sheets helps speed up the process and make it a bit easier to get what you need.

How to Print on Acrylic Sheet

Ready to purchase and learn how to print on acrylic sheet? Follow these simple steps for screen printing and printing via a digital printer.

Printing with an Acrylic Screen Printing Machine

If you have purchased an acrylic screen printing machine, the printing process will be fast and easy.

  1. Choose or create a design on your computer. You might purchase an image, create your own, or buy and download software for custom images with a few clicks.
  2. Choose your colors and settings carefully; some colors don't translate well from your screen to the digital acrylic sheet.
  3. Leave a margin so that your design doesn't bleed off the edge of the sheet.
  4. Prepare the acrylic sheet by wiping the surface clean with alcohol.
  5. Place the acrylic sheet in the feed or on the table of your printer.
  6. Include the sheet’s thickness, print location, color and other specific features when programming the print function.

Once your acrylic sheet is done printing, it's ready for use!

Screen Printing Manually on Acrylic Sheets

Many small businesses and crafters prefer manual screen printing because it doesn't require extensive equipment. Here's how to screen print manually on acrylic sheets:

  1. Clean your sheet and clamp it in place on your work surface.
  2. Create your design via laser printer, then tape it into your acrylic sheet.
  3. Apply your blender pen to impress the image on the acrylic sheet. Then press and rub the image until it affixes to the acrylic surface.
  4. Repeat as needed for multiple colors.
  5. Remove the transfer paper.

Digital Printing on Acrylic

Digital printing on acrylic is similar to printing on plain paper. You can feed acrylic sheets into certain types of printers, then immediately add a design to the face of the acrylic. Digital acrylic is an easy way to create long-lasting signage and other projects.

OPTIX Digital Acrylic

OPTIX Digital Acrylic involves specially formulated acrylic sheets that are optimal for printing. These sheets come in varying thicknesses, and many printer types are compatible. Without adhesion promoters, you can achieve flawless signage that's resistant to scratching and graffiti — all through digital printing on acrylic.

Ready to Get Started with Digital Printing on Acrylic? A&C Plastics Has You Covered

Printing on acrylic sheets is easier than ever with digital acrylic sheets from A&C Plastics, Inc. The most significant benefit to using digital printing on acrylic is not having to pay for and use an adhesion promoter each time. The digital acrylic plastic acts like continuously processed plexiglass plastic sheets and provide the same strength, durability and lightweight properties. The optical clarity remains optimal on OPTIX Digital Acrylic (DA) plastic sheeting — even with a polymer coating. The coating is abrasion and chemical resistant, making it ideal for signs and anti-graffiti applications. Shop for digital acrylic for your next project today!

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