Solar Tinted Plexiglass

Tinted plexiglass is a versatile type of plastic sheeting that offers protection against the sun by reducing solar glare and UV rays. As such, tinted plastic sheets also reduce the fading of carpet and other fabric, while also reducing your energy bill by keeping indoor spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. With tinted acrylic, you do not need additional film that could peel or bubble — these benefits are built right in. Additionally, tinted plexiglass provides the same benefits as traditional plexiglass acrylic, meaning it's stronger, more durable and safer than glass. Request a quote on your tinted plastic sheet project from A&C Plastics today, and check out all of our options below.

Why Choose Tinted Plexiglass?

Tinted acrylic has a high strength-to-weight ratio that offers durability that you cannot find in glass products — while also protecting your home or business from the sun. The major benefit of tinted plastics are their resistance to UV rays and other environmental factors.

This tinted plastic sheet is economical, too, as you won't find any bubbling or peeling that's associated with adding protective or filtering film to a glazing material. The additional cost of those films also comes with added maintenance — tinted plexiglass is a solid piece of material that keeps its uniform look over its useful life, saving you money in the long run.

Transmittance Values for Tinted Plastic Sheets

Tinted plexiglass comes in a variety of colors and light transmittance values, each providing different amounts of solar energy and visible light. The tinted plastic sheet options at A&C Plastics include:

  • Gray 2064: 36% solar energy, 25% visible light
  • Gray 2074: 24% solar energy, 13% visible light
  • Gray 2514: 62% solar energy, 59% visible light
  • Grey 2515: 74% solar energy, 76% visible light
  • Bronze 2404: 56% solar energy, 49% visible light
  • Bronze 2412: 35% solar energy, 25% visible light
  • Bronze 2370: 20% solar energy, 11% visible light

How Do You Clean Tinted Plexiglass?

By using a simple solution of warm soapy water, these tinted plastic sheets can be wiped clean. Use a microfiber cloth to ensure a hygienic clean. Scratches are buffed out by polishing.

Are Tinted Plexiglass Sheets Recyclable?

Yes, tinted plastics can be recycled. This type of plastic can be recycled back to the original state, the raw material. Tinted acrylic plastic is made of synthetic fibers that can be separated manually and blended with other fibers for repurposing.

Projects Using Tinted Plastic Sheets

Tinted plastic sheets are used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to print on them or use them for larger projects, they are a cost-efficient way to reduce solar energy and infrared radiation.

There are many unique and creative ways to use tinted plastics, beyond simply saving energy and blocking harmful UV rays.

Can You Engrave a Tinted Plastic Sheet?

Yes, you can engrave a tinted plastic sheet. You can choose a variety of sizes and thicknesses to consider making signs or small name badges. However, this type of plastic is scratch-resistant and indestructible. You must use proper engraving tools to etch into your tinted plastics.

Can Tinted Plastic Sheets Be Used Outside?

Tinted plastic is an excellent option for the outdoors. It can withstand the elements, from solar rays to rain, wind and even dirt.

Other Advantages of Tinted Acrylic

With tinted plexiglass, you'll experience the following advantages:

  • Tinted acrylic sheets are half the weight of glass.
  • Tinted plexiglass is ten times stronger than glass.
  • While they may not have the clarity of clear acrylic, tinted plastics are semi-transparent.
  • Tinted plastic sheets have a high level of weather and impact resistance.
  • Without the possibility of shattering or breaking like glass or even polycarbonate sheets, tinted plastic sheets can be easily cut, drilled and fabricated for many projects and applications.

Ready to Order Solar Tinted Plexiglass?

At A&C Plastics, Inc., you can find tinted acrylic sheets for every need, whether around your house, business or yard. Shop for tinted plexiglass for your next project now and reach out to us if you have any questions!

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