Grade Plastic Sheets

Architectural grade plastic sheets from A&C Plastics provide a lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant solution for your architectural needs. From architectural columns at a residential entrance, to lighting panels in a commercial business, we work with a variety of residential and commercial clients to help them find the right plastic sheet for their architectural project.

Why choose plastic for architectural needs?

Architectural grade plastic can be used to replace metal and wood in some architectural applications. It is chosen over these other materials due to its moisture resistance, impact resistance, and lower cost.

Benefits of Architectural Grade Plastic:

• Durable
• Lightweight
• Acoustical insulation
• Outdoor weatherability
• Versatility
• Improved energy efficiency

Architectural Applications  

Plastic sheets – commonly acrylic sheets for architecture – are used in applications such as window well covers, skylights, smoke vents and structural ceilings. They are also a popular choice for commercial and residential columns as they are rigid, lightweight, durable and weatherproof.
• Fencing
• Planters
• Playgrounds
• Dividers
• Roofing
• Outdoor balcony
• Wall covering
• Security glazing
• CCTV camera domes
• Lighting panels and products
• Window and door glazing
• Security windows
• Light diffusers

Choosing the right material

Architectural grade plastic material like polycarbonate, acrylic and foam PVC offer durability, UV stability, and ease of fabrication. These plastics – as well as many others distributed by A&C Plastic – are also known for their chemical resistance, ability to accept paints, and dent and scratch resistance.
Clear acrylic
White acrylic
Colored acrylic
Light diffusing acrylic
Solar tint sheet
Acrylic mirror
Clear sheet
White polycarbonate
Colored polycarbonate
Polycarbonate mirror
Tinted polycarbonate
King starboard marine plastic
ABS plastic sheet
Expanded PVC
Fluted polypropylene
Fire-rated polycarbonate
Bullet resistant
Lighting plastics
Matte polycarbonate
Obscure textures
Non-glare Polycarbonate
Frosted acrylic
Pebble finish
Glitter acrylic

Choose A&C Plastic for your Architectural Needs

A&C Is a leading distributor of plastic sheeting for architectural applications. From small shipments for product design and testing to bulk orders for large-scale manufacturing, we work to meet your needs on time and on budget.

A&C Plastic maintains a large selection of different types of materials, colors and sheet sizes. We also have several types of frosted and patterned sheets in stock. These products are easy to cut, shape and install. A&C Plastics strives to be a one-stop plastic sheeting solutions-provider. Our expert staff can help you find suitable plastic materials for your architectural applications. We will cut materials to meet your exact size specifications.