Fluorescent Acrylic Sheets

Combining the superior transparent properties found in top-quality acrylic plexiglass sheets with a spectrum of vibrant colors, fluorescent acrylic sheet is a natural go-to product to suit all your plastic needs. You’re sure to notice the unique glow that fluorescent plastic sheets exhibit on the edges of the material. Thanks to a special manufacturing process that allows the sun to filter through the surface while dispersing an ambient color into rooms, our cast acrylic sheeting delivers superior coloration and lucidity.

Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet—An Optimal Solution in Color and Clarity

The unique color and light properties inherent in fluorescent plexiglass provide for a one-of-a-kind visual experience. It combines the durable, clear and versatile qualities of transparent sheeting with the light and colorful appearance of stained glass. This product is one of the most widely used sheetings in dozens of industries—and for good reason. But many people wonder about its production, weight and strength. Let’s find some answers.

How Does Fluorescent Plexiglass Compare to Colored Glass?

Colored or stained glass products can provide homeowners with a brilliant light display indoors. However, it is one of the most fragile materials to ship owing to its weight and the complexity of the shipping apparatus needed to bring it safely to your home. The fluorescent acrylic sheet offers a clear advantage over colored glass. It is less than half the weight of glass, which leads to decreased shipping costs. Additionally, fluorescent plexiglass can boast up to 10x the strength and tolerance of glass.

What Is the Production Process Like for Fluorescent Plexiglass?

Since plexiglass is lightweight and strong, it can withstand a much more accurate and state-of-the-art cutting process. This means that you have more control over the shape and dimensions of your fluorescent plastic sheets. It is also easier to drill and polish than its glass or polycarbonate competitors--further expanding your customization potential.

The manufacturing process for fluorescent plastic sheets also allows for laser cutting tools that can engrave the plexiglass surface. Overall, acrylic is a softer material than glass, so it can potentially scratch if not taken care of. But despite its lighter and softer qualities, the production process for fluorescent acrylic is responsible for producing the signature ambient light-colored glow that these products are so admired and famous for.

How Weather-Resistant and Rigid Is Fluorescent Acrylic?

It can be easy to overlook the strength and water-resistant properties of fluorescent plexiglass due to its glowing coloration and industry-leading visual appeal. But fluorescent sheeting is weather-resistant, UV-light resistant, and more rigid than polycarbonate products. When you compare fluorescent sheeting to colored glass, the case for weather-resistance and strength is even more apparent, as colored glass often struggles to tolerate high-stress weather.

In addition to acrylic sheeting’s natural weather resistance, this product is also tolerant of yellowing and absorbs most UV light. The applications of fluorescent plastic sheets don’t stop at its superior coloration and lucidity. It retains its shine and color well after production and far into the future of your domestic or commercial use.

Interested In Learning More About Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet Options?

If you’re thinking about learning more about our stock of fluorescent plexiglass products, look no further than our large variety of fluorescent acrylic sheet offerings. From mirrored and two-way or see-through plexiglass to non-glass and anti-static options, we stock dozens of acrylic plexiglass types for you to choose for your unique application and need. Not only do we have a large selection of fluorescent acrylic products, but we offer all our in-house options at a competitive price. Browse our selection or contact us if you’re interested in shopping with A&C Plastics for all your fluorescent acrylic needs and questions!

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