Clear Acrylic Sheets

Clear acrylic sheets are ideal for POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication. Each clear acrylic sheet we offer gives manufacturers, fabricators and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability.

It delivers exceptional cost savings through down-gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling and reduced breakage. Our clear acrylic resists yellowing and provides the best dimensional stability.

For wholesale pricing information on our clear acrylic sheets, contact us by phone (888) 702-6028 or fill out an online quote request now.

Advantages of Clear Acrylic Sheets

  • Excellent optical clarity & transparency
  • Thermoformable and ideal for precision machining
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Good electrical and UV resistivity
  • Easy to glue, hot air weld and machine
  • Outstanding weather and UV resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Unaffected by most fluctuations in temperature
  • Up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass
  • Ability to withstand many different chemicals

Are There Any Additional Hidden Packaging Charges?

There are never any additional hidden fees or charges when you order clear acrylic sheet. If your shipment requires any additional packaging or handling charges, you will be notified at the time the order is placed.

What Is the Smallest Clear Acrylic Sheet I Can Buy?

Most all of our clear acrylic products are available in sizes as small as 48” x 96”. There are a few products, sizes and colors that we stock in smaller sizes. We also offer standard cut sizes of clear acrylic sheets on our website.

How Do You Glue Clear Acrylic?

Generally, clear acrylic sheet requires a solvent to cement itself together, and not all materials use the same adhesives. We can help you find the glue and adhesives that you need. For specific information on the material you need to adhere and which solvent to use, contact your sales professional at A&C Plastics.

Buy Wholesale Clear Acrylic

At A&C Plastics, we have an extensive inventory of wholesale clear acrylic sheets at the lowest prices. No matter how big or small your company is, we can fulfil your bulk clear acrylic sheet needs. We have three warehouses throughout the Midwest to ensure that we can provide fast delivery and convenient pickups for locals.

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