Matte Polycarbonate Sheets

Whether you are looking for added privacy in an office or home or want to add a decorative touch to a billboard or roof, matte polycarbonate is the sheeting you need. Polycarbonate sheeting is lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. Because frosted plastic is not as translucent as traditional polycarbonate, you should take into consideration the degree of light transmittance, insulation, and UV-protection you will need.

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Patterned Plastic Sheets

Be sure to look through the rest of our patterned plastic sheeting products. With our superior designs, our patterned plastic sheeting was created with durability and quality in mind. From our pebble finish to our P61 Non-glare polycarbonate, we have a large selection of quality patterned plastic sheets. Not only do we provide the best in patterned sheeting but we provide our quality patterned plastic sheeting at an economical price. If you want to save money on quality patterned plastic sheeting, shop with A&C Plastics today!

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