Non-Glare Plexiglass & Acrylic Sheeting

When working with transparent or opaque sheeting materials, sooner or later you’re bound to address the issue of glare. With so many options available on the market currently, it isn’t so easy to pick out the superior products from the rest. With our non-glare plexiglass and acrylic sheeting, you’re sure to select a product that provides minimal glare in a plastic sheet solution without having to cut corners on light transmission. While other products may be durable and non-glare, they are heavy and fragile. Non-glare acrylic offers a cutting-edge combination of optimal viewing and industry-leading glare deflection.

Integrity and Clarity—What to Look For in Non-Glare Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheeting

Some of the more common commercial and industrial sites where you’re liable to find our non-glare products are museums, art galleries and other locations where light quality and clarity are of the utmost importance. But we prioritize at-home applications as well. We understand that you want optimal clarity in your living spaces without having to sacrifice any durability. With our anti-glare plexiglass and acrylic sheeting solutions, the days of making a compromise are long gone. But, odds are, you still have some important questions about what goes into the production and design of our non-glare plexiglass and acrylic sheeting.

What Are Some of the Most Common Contexts for Installing Non-Glare Plexiglass?

Many clients from an art gallery and museum context opt for non-glare products in their locations and living spaces. This has been because non-glare products can diffuse light reflection on objects or areas that require intense visual fields. But the days are gone where only museums, art galleries and studios were the primary area of anti-glare plexiglass solutions. With its special matte finish, non-glare plexiglass is the optimal product if you’re looking to reduce glare and ultraviolet light in domestic spaces too.

If you’re interested in expanding the visibility of your at-home objects, art and treasured possessions, anti-glare acrylic, and acrylic sheeting is the first place to look for a solution that will minimize glare from all directions. People living in high-sun conditions will also find non-glare sheeting a great and easy way to reduce problematic sunlight.

How Does Non-Glare Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheeting Work?

If you’ve experienced reduced visibility or blurring when viewing objects or spaces in your domestic or commercial space, you could likely benefit from the application of quality anti-glare plexiglass or anti-glare acrylic solutions. But you might ask, how non-glare products exactly work?

To reduce the glare and light reflection on the acrylic surface, it is necessary to give it a matte finish which effectively diffuses excess light and softens it from most viewing angles. In the process of adding non-glare properties to plexiglass and acrylic sheeting, the manufacturing process also reduces the weight and increases the shatter resistance of the sheeting. This non-glare design ensures that it is 10x the strength of glass while effectively catching almost all glare and reflecting it out of your domestic or commercial space.

Why Use Non-Glare Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheeting?

Years ago, the primary use for non-glare products was to replace glass in museums and art galleries across the country. Because the weight of plexiglass and acrylic reduced the cost of sheeting products while maintaining the museum-level presentation of priceless objects, the choice of plexiglass and acrylic was an obvious one. Today, however, non-glare acrylic sheeting is preferred industry-wide as an effective, flexible and customizable product that outshines glass in most contexts.

For More Information on Non-Glare Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheeting

Whether you’re designing an art gallery or a domestic space to combat the effects of excessive glare, the choice of non-glare acrylic and acrylic promises the optimal mix of durability and clarity and 10x the strength of glass. But we don’t only provide a top-of-the-line glare solution to our loyal customers. At A&C Plastics, we have one of the largest selections of other options like patterned sheets, lighting plastics, and other P95 and DP9 matte plastic sheeting offerings. With our competitive prices and unbeatable customer service, we invite you to check out our list of sheeting options while enjoying our industry-leading service today!

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