Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheeting

Our polycarbonate mirror sheeting is an ideal choice if you need a mirrored surface with high heat resistance, impact strength, and dimensional & UV stability. Polycarbonate mirror plastic easily outclasses glass for environments requiring high impact materials while maintaining a high level of crystal clarity. We have multiple sizes and thicknesses available for order. For help, questions on mirrored plastic, or wholesale pricing information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

Common Applications Include:

  • Security & Safety - Inspection mirrors, facial shields, correctional facilities
  • Commercial Building Construction - Fitness center mirrors, observation mirrors, and bathroom mirrors
  • Point of Purchase Displays & Signage - Endcap displays, cosmetic displays, jewelry enclosures, sunglass racks, and retail signage 
  • Cosmetics & Dentistry - Magnifying mirrors and compact mirrors
  • Automotive Industry - Interior trim, mirrors, and accessories
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Learn More About Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheeting

At A&C Plastics, we have mirrored polycarbonate sheeting in stock to help you fight off the damage caused by high heat, heavy impact and dangerous UV rays. Our polycarbonate mirror sheet options are much better than glass. Mirrored polycarbonate plastic remains undamaged even in the worst weather scenarios without skimping on the crystal-clear look of regular glass, and we offer multiple sizes and thicknesses of polycarbonate mirror sheets for you to choose from.

Do Polycarbonate Mirror Sheets Come In Different Colors?

Polycarbonate mirror sheets come in more than just basic “glass” colors. You can also purchase colored polycarbonate mirror plastic. Colored polycarbonate sheets have fewer uses, but they are necessary for specific situations. No matter what your project is or what you need, we can help you reach your end goal.

What Are the Uses of Polycarbonate Mirror Plastic Sheeting?

Polycarbonate mirror plastic has a wide variety of uses around your home and within other building projects. The following are just a few examples of how you can use mirrored polycarbonate sheet plastic:

  • For safety and security purposes, you can use Lexan polycarbonate mirror for windows, facial protection and more.
  • It is extremely durable, so polycarbonate mirror sheets are great for mirrors in bathrooms, gyms and other building areas.
  • Colored polycarbonate mirror plastic is great for use in signs, displays, retail signs and other areas where creativity is needed.
  • The automobile mirrors and interiors will last longer and look nicer when made with mirrored polycarbonate sheets.
  • Mirrored polycarbonate is perfect for use in cosmetics, medicine and dentistry. Use it for compact mirrors or magnifying mirrors, depending on its intended use.

Let Us Help Customize a Mirrored Polycarbonate Solution for Your Needs Today

If you still have questions about mirrored polycarbonate plastic sheets and how you can implement them to fit your needs, reach out today. We also offer information and quotes on wholesale pricing for larger projects. Contact us or explore our website to get more information on pricing and the various uses for polycarbonate mirror sheets. Give us a call at (888) 702-6028.

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